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The New Zealand Guide Map

The New Zealand Guide Map

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This map is the ultimate travel companion. Discover the best places to see, beaches to swim at and places to eat around New Zealand, all in one easy-to-navigate place. This map makes planning a trip so much easier. Plus, it allows you to find the top spots that are close to you when you’re already on the road. All of the information you search for online, in one convenient place.

700+ spots pinned around New Zealand on Google Maps, for you to explore!

- The must-visit Places to See
- The best kiwi Places to Eat
- Breathtaking Beaches and Swimming Spots 
- The top Activities across New Zealand
- Unique Accommodation from North to South
- Beautiful Camping Spots & Huts to check out

The New Zealand Guide Map is easy to use, whether you’re on Apple or Android. Once you purchase the Map, it’s sent direct to your email along with information, tips and tricks on how best to use it. Thanks to the Google Maps app, it’s free to access it on your phone (no additional apps required!), and updates and changes are instant. Purchase it once, and it will keep on delivering!

Getting your map: Once you have purchased The New Zealand Guide Map and are taken to the order confirmation page a download link will be available. You will also receive a download link via email. 

One-time payment only. 

New Zealand Guide is a New Zealand owned and operated business. Buy Local, Support Local.

Send an email to if you have any questions.

Update November 2023: The New Zealand Guide Map can now also be saved as a Google Maps List. Find more information on the Information Sheet after purchase.

Note – this is a digital product and all sales are final.

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